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  • 500B

    The amount the global beauty industry is worth

  • 49k

    Average income of Free-lance makeup artists

  • 1/3

    Over a third of beauty professionals are self employed

  • Stats

    The beauty industry generates $300 billion each and every year, and yet beauty professionals, 90% of whom are womxn, earn, on average, just $25k annually. Half of those professionals are self-employed contractors who routinely lease their stations, a status quo that often leaves them devoid of savings, retirement, and affordable health insurance options. By creating a network of like-minded professionals, Ziba seeks to educate and empower beauty professionals on long term career planning and opportunities for growth.

  • An Unfortunate Reality

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the world. The vast majority of beauty professionals recently surveyed reported earning losses of 50% or greater in 2020 compared to previous years. Beauty professionals understand that ‘feeling safe’ means more to their customers than simply providing an environment that follows health codes and regulations. It means crafting a comforting experience that welcomes and supports the whole customer based on their personal and social choices, as well. Using Ziba’s COVID provisions filters, consumers can have immediate access to detailed information on the safety protocols of service providers—empowering them to feel safe and confident in their choices.

  • A Personal Connection

    When, as a child, Ziba Founder Mandana’s family prepared to flee war- torn Iran, her mother pursued a career in the beauty industry as a means to support their new life. After witnessing her mother struggle to find adequate spaces to lease and maintain a robust client base, Mandana felt compelled to create a marketplace where like-minded professionals could share their portfolios and cultivate their brands.