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You deserve to find beauty and wellness service providers as unique as you are. That’s why we created the Ziba app.

At Ziba, we cherish what makes you you, inside and out.

That’s what inspired the Ziba app for Inclusive Beauty, our way of simplifying your search for professionals who embrace the whole you. That’s why Ziba makes it as easy as possible to find the stylists and wellness professionals that know you, inside and out. From the physical features that make you unique to the core values that make you truly beautiful.

COVID has changed everything. It only stands to reason that you’d have questions about how it has changed salons. Using Ziba’s COVID provisions filters, you’ll have immediate access to detailed information on the safety protocols of service providers—ensuring you’ll feel safe and confident in your choices.\

Your hair is as unique as you are. Let’s keep it that way.

Find beauty consultants who understand and appreciate all hair types, including Black hair. From barbers to protective hair practitioners, Ziba is here for your hair.

Your beauty emanates from inside. From the true you.

That’s why Ziba helps you find skincare professionals who embrace you for who you truly are. No matter how you identify, you can be sure to find our most empathetic and inclusive practitioners, quickly and easily.

Your identity is what makes you beautiful. At Ziba, we want to help you find the skincare professionals who understand that — and embrace the uniqueness of you. Now you can easily find skincare professionals that understand you, inside and out.

Comfort, privacy, and respect.

Your hijab is an outward symbol of your inner faith. But it can also create unique challenges for the health of your hair, and identifying a space with limited exposure to meet your modesty requirements. Ziba can help you easily identify a skilled practitioners who can respect and balance your faith and your beauty needs.

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