The Power of Community

Alanah Nicole

The ZibaHub app is a place where an amazing community of beauty and wellness professionals can go to connect, share, and discuss industry related issues, events, and pressing questions. As the community has grown, I’ve had a lot of questions from people asking what exactly the newsfeed should be used for. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the ZibaHub community and the newsfeed.

  1. FOLLOW ZIBAHUB & ITS AMBASSADORSZibaHub posts industry related blogs, useful content, upcoming events, and even giveaways! Follow to stay in the loop! You can also follow our ZibaHub ambassadors and bloggers. Alanah Nicole blogs under the name Six Figure Stylist, Mads Ambrose our Babe in The Trades blogger, Champion Barber’s, Jamaal Lane, Edge Your Craft, Jill Montchalin at Cosmoprof, and Jamie Ferero Hair.
  2. ASK QUESTIONSDo you have a burning question that you would normally run to Instagram or a Facebook group to ask? The ZibaHub community is dedicated to industry professionals. This is a place where you can feel comfortable asking the hard questions without exposing yourself to the scrutiny of your current or potential clientele. Want to know how others in the industry have successfully raised their prices or interested to know how to deal with a specific customer complaint? Post your questions on the newsfeed and get feedback from other professionals in your field.
  3. SHARE & LEARN ABOUT EVENTSZibaHub regularly posts about educational and industry events taking place locally and nationally and encourages our users to do the same! Is there an upcoming event that you want to promote or that you think industry professionals might be interested in attending? Post it on the feed!
  4. FOLLOW PEOPLE As you scroll through the newsfeed, if you see a post from someone that peeks your interest, simply click on their profile to follow them. This will keep your newsfeed more informative by ensuring you see posts on topics most relevant to you in your feed moving forward.
  5. LEARN ABOUT LEGISLATION & LAWS From employment law and discrimination laws to legal issues and insurance. There is a lot of legislation and regulations that industry professionals need to be aware of. ZibaHub regularly posts on rules and regulations and urges our users to do the same. ZibaHub is a safe space to post and discuss the latest in industry news because it is for industry professionals only.
  6. SHARE ARTICLES & ADVICE Post from trade websites about trends and business tips, or share your own personal experiences. Bringing your experience and expertise to the feed will only help to boost your profile in the industry. As Sally Hershberger put it, “Know your craft inside and out.” The more you share and discuss topics in your field, the more informed you will be.

The ZibaHub app was built to serve the beauty and wellness community. Take full advantage of its features and make it your own!

If you haven’t download the ZibaHub app yet, download it today on Google Play or the IOS App Store