3 Reasons To Consider All-Gender Menus

Mads Ambrose

Much of the beauty and wellness industry still operates on a male and female gendered service menu. The term “manzilian” somehow still stays in our repertoire… trust me I get requests for them all the time. And getting stuck with a shoulder-length “men’s cut” doesn’t seem right. So why do we still use them? Many salons are choosing to do away with gender when it comes to their menu and here are three reasons why...

  1. NOT EVERYONE IDENTIFIES AS A MAN OR A WOMAN The truth is more and more people are rediscovering something that has always existed… the presence of more than two genders. Eleven states now recognize a third gender and that number will continue to grow. It may also be an awkward or very traumatic experience for anyone who lives outside of the gender boxes to book a male or female service. Without that hurdle, booking an appointment becomes effortless.
  2. COMPENSATION IS MORE ACCURATE You might be cutting yourself short if you are charging based on gender instead of the time, labor, materials used, etc. Find better ways to describe your services that exhibit your talent and skills. From a business point of view, it can mean more dollars- and- cents.

Let’s face it… gendered menus are outdated and based on stereotypes and assumptions about our clients. When you don’t rely on this model, you will be known as an accepting place for many kinds of people. It has the potential to grow your business as the word spreads. You might be surprised who walks through your door and then goes and tells their friends about you!

If you or your workplace is still functioning on a gendered menu, consider these points to stay current in the industry. When you focus on center the needs of those who may be usually neglected, everyone will benefit!